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Phew! Thanks Charlie, thanks Ania! Cigfran is actually the name of a
character in a story we're going to publish. We've actually published it
before (not in my time) but I think this time we ought to put a
pronunciation guide as a footnote. I have always hated reading a story where
I do not know how to pronounce the main character's name.

So, would KEEG-vraan work?


On 16/3/06 10:37 AM, "Charles Butler" <charlescbutler at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Ania, who's having trouble posting to the list, has asked me to pass this on:
>   Charlie is basically correct, but for complete accuracy's sake, the i in cig
> is not the short i you get in 'kick', more like the one in 'keel'- but maybe
> not quite as long. Also, the stress is on Cig, not on fran. Cigfran is a
> compound noun; cig means meat or flesh, fran is a mutated form of bran,
> meaning crow (or sometimes raven) by itself. So the literal translation is
> something like 'flesh-crow'- rather splendid, doncha think?
>   Ania 
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