[DWJ] Survey reminder

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 15 13:04:17 EST 2006


>Could you remind us of the specific questions you're looking to have
>answered. I've lost those e-mails (and lost my memory as well,
>apparantly . . .)

It's entirely up to you what you'd like to answer!  (This will be a 
highly representative, statistically accurate survey.)  (Not.) 
Basics are other favourite authors and books (all genres), as many as 
you feel like listing.  Other suggestions were throwing out authors 
or books to find what people think of them, favourite fairy tales, 
animal/beverage/food of preference, and I've received all kinds of 
un-suggested preferences as well.  Off the top of my head some are: 
music, films, blogs, comics, t.v., current reading...  The lack of 
uniformity of the lists makes it all the more interesting.

If anyone who's sent me a list already wants to add new categories or 
more to old ones, that's fine too.


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