[DWJ] Centaur duplicity (spoilers for Deep Secret)

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Tue Mar 7 00:56:55 EST 2006

Knarros the centaur is deeply involved in Janine and Gramos' plot to put 
Gramos on the throne of the Koryfonic (sp?) Empire. He seems to be 
involved in several separate deceits, such as deceiving the Emperor to 
get custody of his children, getting involved with Janine and Gramos' 
plot, and setting up Rupert so Gramos could shoot at him. I suspect he 
was involved in a further deceit that was not mentionned in the book. I 
suspect he intended to manipulate Gramos' plot so that Kris or Rob -- 
Knarros' relatives -- would be the next Emperor. Without such a powerful 
reason, Knarros does not seem to have enough motivation for his actions. 
He is distantly related by marriage to Gramos but DWJ says a centaur 
always puts loyalty to centaurs ahead of loyalty to humans and Kris and 
Rob are centaurs.

Interesting that it was Rob who actually became Emperor, although this 
was partly because of Knarros' death.

Knarros also indulged in a verbal deceit -- it wasn't open enough to be 
a lie -- to Rupert. Stan said that centaurs will sometimes use words in 
such a way that you think they are saying one thing but actually they 
are saying something different. Knarros told Rupert that the Emperor's 
heir was a girl and "the Empress will be here soon". Rupert thought this 
meant the girl would be here soon, but he was wrong. Knarros was saying 
that Janine would be here soon, and he referred to her as Empress 
because he thought she was the only survivor from the Emperor's court, 
and the title of Empress is traditionally taken by the senior surviving 
wife/lady/consort if the Emperor died without an heir. This was one of 
several things he did to keep Rupert in one place for Gramos or Janine 
to kill.

Incidentally, Knarros was wrong about Janine being Empress. Janine was 
only a consort but Alexandra (was that her name?), who also survived, 
was a High Lady. Alexandra would have been Empress. It seems that the 
oldest surviving daughter of the Emperor, BTW, was Maree.

There were so many heir/potential heirs/would-be heirs to the throne. 
Rupert was right about Emperor Whatname. If he couldn't be Emperor, he 
didn't care who was and he did everything he could to make it hard to 
find an heir. The man must have had a mind as twisty as a corkscrew.

DS is one of my favourite DWJ books because its plot is so detailed. I 
see something new every time I read it.

Sorry this email is long and rather incoherent. I am very tired and am 
coming down with the flu (hack, cough, sniffle).


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