[DWJ] Pollyanna

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Mar 3 19:20:46 EST 2006

Oh my gosh! Someone else knows about a 'Pollyanna'!
I thought my family made this one up, as nobody else has ever known  
what I was talking about.
I actually think I remember Mum doing one with my hair, replying to  
my "What is it called?" with, "How about we call it a Pollyanna?"
I remember thinking the name was fair enough, since it was a  
favourite movie of mine at the time, and that's how Pollyanna  
Whittaker wore her hair.
I wonder if Mum really made it up?

Waaaay off topic, I always wonder who that little boy was, and what  
happened to him. He was in every movie of that time: Pollyanna, Swiss  
Family Robinson... a few others. He was cool.


> No, never heard of this, but has anyone heard of a Pollyanna? When my
> daughter was a little girl, and she wore most of her longish hair  
> out, but a
> section at the front was swept up in a ponytail (with the rest  
> hanging free)
> with an elastic band or barrette, she claimed that it was called a
> Pollyanna, or a Polly, for short. I'd never heard of it at the  
> time, and
> thought it might be an American expression. We never used it when I  
> was a
> kid, AKAIK.
> Ros

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