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> No doubt the original pigtails were plaited and greased etc... but words 
> do mutate to mean something different, nein? Anyone ever heard of a 
> "doorknocker" style? 'twas a long plait looped back on itself and fastened 
> so it made a solid club of plaited hair.

No, never heard of this, but has anyone heard of a Pollyanna? When my 
daughter was a little girl, and she wore most of her longish hair out, but a 
section at the front was swept up in a ponytail (with the rest hanging free) 
with an elastic band or barrette, she claimed that it was called a 
Pollyanna, or a Polly, for short. I'd never heard of it at the time, and 
thought it might be an American expression. We never used it when I was a 
kid, AKAIK.


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