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Thu Mar 16 11:19:22 EST 2006

> Alan Garner once mentioned that the gap between his own age and those of
> protagonists tended to remain fairly constant - roughly 15 years, maybe? -

It's really quite difficult to deal with child or YA characters in the same
way as we get older. I had no trouble with them until I hit 23 and had my
own child... after that my perspective shifted from child-centred to
parent-centred and even now, with my kids grown up, I have to consciously
change gear.

Writing for myself-when-young (often recommended) can't work, because my
attitudes and ideas were rooted in the 1960s... if I were a child now I
would be very different from the way I actually was back then. I suppose
romance writers suffer in the same way <vbg>. It's difficult to drool
(metaphorically) over a Hunky Hero or Gorgeous Girl when its young enough to
be ones son or daughter.

Sallyo. Feeling decidedly middle aged.

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