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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Mar 14 21:03:24 EST 2006

> calling me again and they don't have an available operator.  You know that
> bit in _Good Omens_ where the demon is trapped in the phone system and
> roaring out to wreak havoc in a telemarketing office?  I have to work hard
> to feel sympathy for the humans.

My husband's nephew was disemployed by a telemarketer for calling a callee
"Mate". Now, "Mate" is a friendly Australian name for someone whose name you
don't know, or whom you don't want to call "Denzil" or "Julian" because he's
wearing a singlet and a tatt. The fem. equiv. is "Luv".

I felt like telling the boss that he ought to be encouraging young Matt, not
sacking him... but there you are. Maybe I'm wrong. After all, Australians
also address you as "ya old bugger" or "ya old bastard" when they're feeling
friendly, too, and that would be going *too* far in telemarketing.

Also, (though I don't like being telemarketed myself) spare a thought for
the poor blokes and gals who have been unemployed for 5 years because there
just isn't any work for them... and have now landed a job where no one is
pleased to hear from them!

Sallyo. (who once considered telemarketing when more than usually broke but
never got as far as applying...)

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