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On hyphenating names - that's fine in the first generation, but what happens
in the second?

Anne Smith and James Jones marry. They become Anne and James Smith-Jones.
They have children, Mark and Alice Smith-Jones.

Meanwhile, Jack Fry and Sandie Fysher marry and become Jack and Sandie
They have children, Jon and Liz Fysher-Fry.

Now, Jon Fysher-Fry and Alice Smith-Jones marry.

They become Jon and Alice Fysher-Fry-Smith-Jones.

They have a daughter, Annie Fysher-Fry-Smith-Jones.

Liz Fysher-Fray and Mark Smith-Jones also marry.

They are now Liz and Mark Smith-Jones-Fysher-Fry.

When Annie Fysher-Fry-Smith-Jones grown up, she marries a man named Joseph
Fysher-Fry-Smith-Jones Hawkins-Witten-Paper-Hughes.

They become Annie and Joseph

Their children, Sy and Ange, sneak into the deed poll office at dead of
night and change their names to Ferris.

Unfortunately, poor Ange marries Pete, a descendent of Liz and Mark

They are now Ange and Pete Ferris-Smith-Jones-Fysher-Fry.


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