[DWJ] Big Bad Read

Ridge, Judith Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au
Thu Jun 29 23:03:37 EDT 2006

Charile wrote:
  Interestingly (or perhaps not), the word 'Bristol' is itself an example of this. It comes from Bridge Stow (stow meaning 'place' - exciting huh? ObDWJ cf 'Stow on the Water'): hence, 'site of a bridge'. But as early as 1200 it was being written with that extra 'l'. So it's a longstanding habit.

And Judith, who is back trying to catch up on the masses of DWJ email after two days in bed with a verynasty bout of something I won't go into details about, asks:

So, how do you pronounce Bristol? Is the 'l' silent? I have always assumed briss-tle.


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