[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day part III -- NB slight spoilers for Pinhoe Egg

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Thu Jun 29 13:39:39 EDT 2006

Repyling to Hallie

> As I said, it was only a very brief skim of CL today, but I'm not 
> sure *why* they should necessarily have accepted an offer to prevent 
> their children having magic.

I have to confess I didn't even remember *what* he had offered. <blush>

> I meant (though no way to have seen this from what I 
> wrote) that Christopher could be seen as having failed in his job as 
> Chrestomanci.  Allowing his anger with Francis to let him ignore a 
> warning of a serious nature (that Gwendolyn was using Cat's very 
> strong magic somehow) is pretty irresponsible, looking at it from the 
> useless perspective.

And on top of it (and after he had the warning) he did misjudge Cat. (Well, *that* could have happened to me too, obviously :-)
To some degree, Ch. has to fail to make the story happen. But it also carries the "message" that a very powerful person who is normally very much in charge can make mistakes, too. 

I could try to earn some points as a Christoper-Chrestomanci fangirl (that I really *am*) by pointing out that Francis *must* have been very very very nasty to make him that angry. All Francis' fault, because he's useless. :-) But I shan't.


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