[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day part III -- NB slight spoilers for Pinhoe Egg

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Thu Jun 29 13:01:17 EDT 2006

Hallie on Francis and Caroline:
> Yes, you're right - I checked after you and Kyla mentioned the 
> cousins and holidays.  Though it's still very much in the 
> behind-the-scenes info category, isn't it?  

Definitely. I noticed them when reading LoCC, but it was more like noticing another "connection" between LoCC and Charmed Life. Personally, I never thought of Francis and Caroline as useless parents - maybe they *should* have accepted Chrestomanci's offer but I saw that as a problem (or perhaps mistake) in their relationship to him and not to their children. But maybe it is, in a way, because of their responsibility towards them.
Now I wonder about the other part of Gwendolyn's "sandwich" - between her parents and her marvellous brother. I always saw Cat as the "neglected" child, or maybe rather as someone who didn't (want to) draw much attention to himself, even from his parents and was quite happy being second to his brilliant witch sister. And I thought that Gwendolyn was clearly bossing him around since he was very small... Hmm. Cat eludes me. Looking forward to the Pinhoe Egg. :-)

> Christopher himself was 
> seen as pretty snotty, and yet hasn't grown up to be a useless 
> parent.  And a quick skim through _Charmed Life_ just now could 
> arguably give more evidence of Christopher-as-Chrestomanci's being 
> useless than Cat's and Gwendolyn's parents.  Not that I'm wanting to 
> argue against their uselessness as parents, mind.

The diet? :-)

Does he feel like a "classical" father-figure at all?



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