[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day part III -- NB slight spoilers for Pinhoe Egg

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jun 29 12:31:04 EDT 2006


>I don't have my copy of LoCC here, but I think they are the cousins 
>he spends his holiday(s) with. I dimly recall that Christopher 
>didn't like the holidays, that the boy cousin was snotty (showing 
>off on horseback riding and gave Ch. a bad-tempered horse that he 
>(Ch.) fell off repeatedly). When reading that I thought that this 
>boy was Cat's father, but I don't know if the name (Francis??) is 

Yes, you're right - I checked after you and Kyla mentioned the 
cousins and holidays.  Though it's still very much in the 
behind-the-scenes info category, isn't it?  Christopher himself was 
seen as pretty snotty, and yet hasn't grown up to be a useless 
parent.  And a quick skim through _Charmed Life_ just now could 
arguably give more evidence of Christopher-as-Chrestomanci's being 
useless than Cat's and Gwendolyn's parents.  Not that I'm wanting to 
argue against their uselessness as parents, mind.


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