[DWJ] OT: book pricing

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 12:17:13 EDT 2006

Judith asked:
>>Is a first edition of "Peter's Room" rare? Because I have
>> one—ex-several-libraries, so a bit down-at-mouth, but with dust jacket
>> intact (underneath sturdy sticky-taped-in plastic cover). Pencilled
>> inside is the 1966 price: $1.90—20%  Good heavens!

Eek! I can't find any first editions on Abe Books UK (which would be the
most likely source), but you can't *get* a copy - any copy - of Peter's
Room for under £20 ($AUD55), and the recent reprint is going for £50.

>>And—here comes the major confession—I've never read it.

Have you read any other Antonia Forest? *Peter's Room* isn't one of my
favourites (too much soppy Patrick Merrick - you can pretty much predict
my ranking of AFs on the basis of how much Patrick there is [not counting
Falconer's Lure]), but it's a very good book nonetheless.

Love, Ika


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