[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day part III -- NB slight spoilers for Pinhoe Egg

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jun 29 07:07:04 EDT 2006

Thanks so much for this great report, Ven!

One question and one comment - am I reading the bit below right in 
thinking that Cat and Gwendolyn's parents are in TLOCC?  Can't come 
up with how or who if so.

>  Gwendolen was
>suggested but Diana seemed inclined to excuse her
somewhat. She *was* a selfish little bitch but
>she had never really had a chance between her
>parent's folly and her so marvellous little
>brother. This was an unexpected perspective
>really, but I guess the parents, Francis and
>Caroline are filled in as pretty useless people
>in TLOCC.

>Unfortunately the next page of notes make no
>sense. I'll give you a couple of them mainly in
>the hopes of jogging Ika to write her account!  I
>have "put sun bits on the sunny side of the desk"
>Which book is this? Power of Three?

Isn't this something she said in - bother, senior moment (sorry - 
brief aside to Charlie:  The article you sent me which had the bit 
about 'The Heroic Ideal' and the editor I confused with Sharyn 
November?).  Anyway, iirc, she said that she would leave the parts of 
the story about Sol (*Dogsbody*) on her desk in the sun to be sure 
they were right.  Though I might well not rc, given that I can 
neither remember the name of the magazine/journal nor where I put it 
to keep it safely.


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