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> One of the things that I liked so much about "Tatsinda" by Enright was
> that it's a story from a story.  In "Then There Were Five" Oliver falls
> down a well and is rescued (of course.)  Randy tells him the story of
> Tatsinda as they sit waiting for him to warm up by the campfire.  Much
> later the actual book was published - very cool.
> I've just been listening to the Melendy books on CD and they really do
> stand the test of time though there are a lot of dangerous things that
> happen in "And Then There Were Five" - besides Oliver falling down the
> well, there's Rush and Mark spying on the illicit distillers and getting
> shot at, and the fire at Mark's cousin's farm.  I wonder if they'd be
> published today. 

Well, the things in Gary Paulsen's book How Angel Peterson got his name are
even more dangerous, and that was published.


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