[DWJ] Barbara Ninde Byfield and Pamela Branch

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Tue Jun 27 18:54:36 EDT 2006

On Tuesday, June 27, 2006, at 12:24 PM, <R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk> 

> Try and dig out a copy of 'The wooden Overcoat' by Pamela Branch- a 
> unique blend of humour & crime novel.
> Her other books include 'Lion in the cellar' and 'Murders little 
> sister'
> All my copies are second hand-I'm pretty certain her titles are out of 
> print in the UK -but some have been republished by Rue Morgue in the 
> States. They're also stocked by the British Library so available via 
> interlibrary loan etc.

Thank you, thank you.  First of all, thank you for existing, because 
I've never
before met anyone who had heard of her.   Then, thank you for the info.

I popped off to Rue Morgue and bought the three I've never read.


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