[DWJ] Barbara Ninde Byfield and Pamela Branch

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Try and dig out a copy of 'The wooden Overcoat' by Pamela Branch- a unique blend of humour & crime novel.
Her other books include 'Lion in the cellar' and 'Murders little sister'
All my copies are second hand-I'm pretty certain her titles are out of print in the UK -but some have been republished by Rue Morgue in the States. They're also stocked by the British Library so available via interlibrary loan etc.

Another wonderful crime novel is Barbara Worsley-Gough's 'Alibi Innings' certainly one of the best descriptions of a cricket match I've read. Sadly also OP. 

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A little prowling in my local library's catalog revealed that Ms. 
also wrote detective stories.  I read one this afternoon.  It's not 
bad, but
it's not funny, either.

Has anybody else ever heard of Pamela Branch?  I inherited a Penguin
paperback of a mystery called _Murder Every Monday_ which was written
in the 50s sometime.  She wrote a couple of other mysteries that I've 
been able to find.  Now she _is_ funny.  I remember emitting peals of
involuntary laughter the first time I read it.  I still chuckle.


I found a letter to my sister the other day that I
had forgotten to mail.  It just needed a little
updating to send.  After "the baby is ..." I
crossed out "toilet trained" and wrote in
"graduating from high school this month."

                                        - Erma Bombeck

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