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>Love, Ika (very hard on books, being retrained by girlfriend after I read
>her irreplaceable paperback of Antonia Forest's *Peter's Room* in the bath
>till a page came out, then kept the page in a separate place from the rest
>of the book)
! I am speechless at the evil of you. I have *photocopies* of Falconer's 
Lure because of its extreme raritude, and Peter's Room is arguably the 
best Forest.


Is a first edition of "Peter's Room" rare? Because I have one—ex-several-libraries, so a bit down-at-mouth, but with dust jacket intact (underneath sturdy sticky-taped-in plastic cover). Pencilled inside is the 1966 price: $1.90—20%  Good heavens!

And—here comes the major confession—I've never read it. 

Judith  (thinking she ought to go to bed and read it!)
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