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Tue Jun 27 00:58:12 EDT 2006

My daughter hasn't had her hair cut except for a little at the front 
when she was 18 months or so and about 2. She is 6, and it is down to 
her bum, basically.


Juliette Curtis wrote:

> I was at school with a girl whose hair had never been cut. Ever. When 
> she was 17,  her hair went all the way to the ground and about 30cm 
> along the ground. She wore it in a thick plait that reached to the 
> ground. She draped around her shoulders to keep it out of the way. She 
> told me she washed it once a month and dried it in the sun (because a 
> hair dryer was too harsh), and it was a job that took the whole day.
> Elizabeth Evans wrote:
>>> rohina at shaw.ca wrote:> I can hardly wait until my daughter can read 
>>> that book, then. She has rampant hairdresser phobia, and refuses to 
>>> get her hair cut, with the result that we have a daily hairbrushing 
>>> encounter.
>>  I was a screaming mess whenever my parents tried to cut my hair when 
>> I  was little.  They finally gave up and my mother and I had  
>> subsequent run-ins with hair barrettes, headbands, and Hair In Your  
>> Face.  A decade or so later, my hair hangs past my knees and I'm  
>> glad my mom had the patience to put up with my tantrums and 
>> insistance  that my hair must not be cut.  She's glad, too. :)
>>  EGH
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>> Wow, I'm impressed. I've never known anyone whose hair hangs below 
>> their knees before. I know there's a (fairly modern) fairy tale about 
>> a princess whose hair grows really long, but I can't remember what 
>> it's called.  (I thought it was George Macdonald's Light Princess, 
>> but I see it's not).
>> Regards
>> Elizabeth.
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