[DWJ] welcoming the new people

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Jun 26 16:52:11 EDT 2006


>Topic for discussion (first thing I thought of!):
>In "Deep Secret", Maree describes Nick at one point as "sweetly and 
>kindly and utterly selfish".  Based on the evidence in that book and 
>in "The Merlin Conspiracy", who thinks Maree's description is 

Leaping in a bit half-bakedly here (as I've no hope at all of 
catching up on *all* the list mail from the last week) - I don't. 
But I'm basing it more on Deep Secret than on TMC.  Nick clearly 
isn't 'utterly selfish' as he proves in Babylon, and in fact, now I 
think of it, that description is really Janine, isn't it?  Of course 
the sweetness and kindness is pure poison, but it would have to be, 
going with utter selfishness.

But I'm wondering now just why Maree saw him that way?  Perhaps it 
might be something like her inability to recognise the need for a bit 
of self-protective 'selfishness' herself?  Rupert is so desperately 
worried about Maree that you can see why he'd misjudge Nick and think 
he's lied to them about asking for Maree to have her stripped half 
restored.  Too scared to believe Nick actually did rescue her.

I've only read The Merlin Conspiracy once, and wasn't happy with Nick 
in it, so am sticking with DS.


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