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Mon Jun 26 11:52:12 EDT 2006

On Monday, June 26, 2006, at 06:31 AM, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

> Not being webbed, I always expect there to be mysterious initials such 
> as
> http associated with any website, and lots of forward slashes and 
> colons
> and other ephemera

Well, there are.  But lots of the time you don't have to use them.  Web
software knows that many people don't want to type them in.

>  -- I see them as dancing like damsel-flies above the
> murky stagnant water that is the actuality of what was foolishly called
> "the information superhighway", which is obviously more like the
> information stagnant disused canal.  This impression comes from the 
> number
> of abandoned websites I have been told about that have not been updated
> since their owners got the free 5k or whatever it was on joining some 
> for email and felt that they shouldn't waste it, since it was free, so 
> they
> put a picture of their kitten there and started a list of their 
> favourite
> things.  Then, as with the diary they started on New Year's Day when 
> they
> were nine and gave up on January 11th ("Got up.  Nothing happened 
> today"),
> the impulse failed, the impetus was lost, and they went away to sort 
> the
> collection of seashells from everywhere they've been (there must be
> hundreds that need another clean) and the website sits sadly gathering
> small animulculae that may one day hatch into mosquitoes or more
> damsel-flies or something but probably won't.

Hmmmm.  Well, I think those websites are more like backwaters.  There
is still a briskly flowing river of information.  And you don't have to 
a website to use the web.  I don't have a website, and I use the web a 

For instance, only yesterday I was laughing myself sick over "The
Well-Tempered Plot Device", courtesy of this list and a link in

> The Langford, unlike the waterbutt, is not only a Thoroughly Good 
> Thing, he
> ought to be declared a National Treasure, and also unlike the 
> waterbutt he
> probably updates his website regularly too.

> Pond-life, the lot of them.  Langford however is a Triton.

Some of those of us who enjoy being gripped by Pratchettmania [well,
we don't _suffer_ from it] came to Langford the back way.  He has done
two Pratchett quiz books which are abundant evidence of the fact that
he knows everything, including where Pratchett got Rincewind's name.
And because Pratchett wrote the forward or the introduction or whatever
it's called, I've read _The Leaky Establishment_.

And I subscribe to Ansible and all kinds of things.

> Minnow (not pond-life, minnows live in running water and *despise* 
> scummy
> stagnation)

Otters, too, I might point out.  The presence of otters is an 
indication of
high water quality.  We're _very_ fussy.


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themes, love and death (as well as its
exciting cariacatures, sex and violence) ...

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