[DWJ] about those roads in LotR

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Mon Jun 26 09:48:55 EDT 2006

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 08:13:49AM -0500, Sue at UTexas wrote:

>It would be a cop-out to say that all the roads were just left-over from
>earlier, happier days in Middle-Earth, because that doesn't really explain it.

They simply wouldn't _last_, unless they were awesomely well-made - and
don't seem to be, being full of mud and ruts and such.

>That still leaves the question of how Saruman imported all that pipe-weed to
>Isengard. . . perhaps he just held a folk-festival every year and the pipe-wedd
>came to him.

International Ballistic Fireworks?


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