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Mon Jun 26 08:31:57 EDT 2006

>On Friday 23 June 2006 21:07, Minnow wrote:
>> If you really really liked Langford's story, I hope you know the
>> collections of his work.

Chris the Hedgehog wrote semi-smugly

>I have some - not all yet, but time will grind the want list into the bread
>of oh-gods-where-can-I-put-all-these eventually.

Good fortune attend your endeavour!

>His mobile /Critical Mass/ review column has been responsible for several
>purchases over the years ... (and more since I bought the collection thereof).

His taste in books is often coincident with mine.

>> If not, his website is something like ansible.co.uk
>Exactly like that, in fact.

Not being webbed, I always expect there to be mysterious initials such as
http associated with any website, and lots of forward slashes and colons
and other ephemera -- I see them as dancing like damsel-flies above the
murky stagnant water that is the actuality of what was foolishly called
"the information superhighway", which is obviously more like the
information stagnant disused canal.  This impression comes from the number
of abandoned websites I have been told about that have not been updated
since their owners got the free 5k or whatever it was on joining some ISP
for email and felt that they shouldn't waste it, since it was free, so they
put a picture of their kitten there and started a list of their favourite
things.  Then, as with the diary they started on New Year's Day when they
were nine and gave up on January 11th ("Got up.  Nothing happened today"),
the impulse failed, the impetus was lost, and they went away to sort the
collection of seashells from everywhere they've been (there must be
hundreds that need another clean) and the website sits sadly gathering
small animulculae that may one day hatch into mosquitoes or more
damsel-flies or something but probably won't.

My father has a waterbutt outside his house.  There are Things in it that
wriggle and dart about.  It is meant to be for watering the pot-plants in
the back yard, but even in a drought the supply always exceeds demand and
the waterbutt overflows in the end, whereupon the spilled squiggly things
die on the paving-stones.  I think it is his version of a website, doomed
to produce no flower.

>> and I expect he lists things like collections of his short
>> stories and articles.
>Indeed. Dave also posts from time to time in rec.arts.sf.composition,
>especially when he can resolve an obscure reference.

The Langford, unlike the waterbutt, is not only a Thoroughly Good Thing, he
ought to be declared a National Treasure, and also unlike the waterbutt he
probably updates his website regularly too.

Anyone who wants to object that the waterbutt doesn't have a website is
free to do so but I am placing no bets.  There seems little doubt about it
being a sentient entity, a hive-mind or something, and if it is sentient
surely it *ought* to have a website.  The webbed seem to assume that anyone
who isn't webbed isn't real, or isn't alive, or something, so I am going to
assume the same in reverse.  But in order to do the folk who make this
assumption justice I have to assume that it's life, Jim, but not as we know
it.  This position of mine is at least as logical as the one adopted by
some folk on LiveJournal somewhere who have apparently decided that not
having web access makes an individual incompetent to be involved in running
an SF convention.

Pond-life, the lot of them.  Langford however is a Triton.

Minnow (not pond-life, minnows live in running water and *despise* scummy

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