[DWJ] Langford (was Big Bad Read)

Chris Dollin eh at electric-hedgehog.net
Mon Jun 26 01:52:29 EDT 2006

On Friday 23 June 2006 21:07, Minnow wrote:

> If you really really liked Langford's story, I hope you know the
> collections of his work. 

I have some - not all yet, but time will grind the want list into the bread
of oh-gods-where-can-I-put-all-these eventually. 

His mobile /Critical Mass/ review column has been responsible for several
purchases over the years ... (and more since I bought the collection thereof).

> If not, his website is something like ansible.co.uk 

Exactly like that, in fact.

> and I expect he lists things like collections of his short 
> stories and articles.  

Indeed. Dave also posts from time to time in rec.arts.sf.composition,
especially when he can resolve an obscure reference.

Chris the Hedgehog

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