[DWJ] HP and misunderstanding as plot-device (was Re: Last Battle)

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 25 13:24:25 EDT 2006

>Adding myself as another one who finds this kind of plot very stressful,
>though I like school stories a lot - I must have just managed to avoid the
>ones of this type. (My gf did a PhD on school stories and says the ones
>I've read are highly unrepresentative of the genre, though: I seem to have
>read about a million where the problem of the too-exclusive relationship
>between the butch girl and the femme girl is resolved by adding a third
>girl  to the mix and the formation of a stable threesome, but apparently
>this is not usual.
I so have to ask - do you think Antonia Forest's Tim and Lawrie are a 
couple? People on girlsown got really angry for me with suggesting it, 
but I definitely think their friendship has romantic undertones.


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