[DWJ] Plot Coupons

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jun 25 12:59:43 EDT 2006

Charlie hasn't got enough work to do on Sunday afternoons.

>  Which got to me to wondering how many plot-coupon plots (or plot-voucher
>plots, which are subtly different - I refer you to Google, Wikipedia, Nick
>Lowe, etc for the distinction) DWJ has written? *The Crown of Dalemark* is
>the most obvious example, though even there I can't help thinking she's
>subtly undermining the whole idea. (But why do I think this? Is is just
>because I read Dalemark through Tough-Guide-tinted specs?) Are there

The phrase was frequently used in the *Encyclopedia of Fantasy* notes
whilst it was under construction, and turns up in the (often rude) marginal
comments DWJ made on the printout, and I strongly suspect her of having
been in the business of subverting both the McGuffin and the Plot Coupon
for a fair while even before the names for them came to her attention.
After all, one of her McGuffins isn't; it turns out to be sentient and
running the whole business.  :-)


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