[DWJ] Plot Coupons

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Sun Jun 25 09:48:52 EDT 2006

Charlie summarized plot coupons (what an excellent phrase, I shall start
using it immediately and often), and asked:

>   Which got to me to wondering how many plot-coupon plots (or plot-voucher
> plots, which are subtly different - I refer you to Google, Wikipedia,
> Nick Lowe, etc for the distinction) DWJ has

I haven't read *Crown of Dalemark* yet (because I'm told that something I
won't like happens to my beloved Moril in it), but the oojamaflips in
*Tale of Time City* might count as plot-coupons, mightn't they? In general
the device would seem to be more suited to more linear/episodic plots than
I associate with DWJ, though.

Love, Ika

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