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Melissa Proffitt writes: 

> Ivy never worried once about the kind of mother she was. 
> Melissa Proffitt

It's fascinating to look at the influences on child characters and try to 
work out why they are AS they are. Polly had "bad" ...um, passive/abusive? 
parents. but Granny was a staunch "good" influence (though not entirely 
perfect). Thomas was a good influence in some ways. How much did these 
good/bad influences have to do with the essential Polly, and how much was 

One of the things that irritates me in a lot of books is that characters 
like HP are shown without any of the scars they WOULD bear from a terrible 

OTOH, I have also swung round to Nature in the Nature v Nurture debate. We 
have three pups at home. They were born here to our bitch Ace and a likable 
male named Kipper. They have been treated the same way, and at 4 1/2 months 
are as follows. 

Tilly is tiny, nervous, stubborn and occasionally  ferocious (flashing fangs 
and eyes at her sibs). It is very difficult to discipline her as she cowers 
at a cross word. She's a fey little fairy of a thing. 

Jeanie is a big gallumping galloot who loves everyone. She flies about 
knocking things over. If you look at her, the ears go flat with adoration, 
the tail is always wagging. Walking her is - um - challenging. She swings 
about like a fish on a line. 

Preacher is a sweet little bloke who has an earnest nature. He is easy to 
train, and looks up at you to see what you mean when you speak to him. He 
rarely needs discipline. His one odd habit is flopping on his tummy if he 
sees something scary out walking. 

Their two sisters, in Newcastle with my son, are evidently different again. 
One is a chicken... scared of her shadow, and always wanting cuddles, and 
the other is a schemer who sulks if caught out. 

You can see them at http://sallyodgers.50megs.com/usualsuspects.htm 

The two at the top are the parents, and the others follow in order...
Cookie the chicken (at Newcastle), Tilly the fairy (at home), Pippi the 
schemer (at Newcastle), Jeanie the galloot (at home), Preacher the thinker 
(at home). 


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