[DWJ] Re: Dwj Digest,movie of LWWW

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Sat Jun 24 19:43:51 EDT 2006

Devra at aol.com writes:
>     In regard to the beavers' being played for laughs -  IMHO, I thought that 
> they were written that way - lower-class as humorous. 

They were... but I think it's my dislike of cartoon surfacing again. When I 
watched the TV Narnia I had no trouble at all with Puddleglum - he was a 
live (Tom Baker) actor - but I didn't like the combined look and movement of 
the beavers. I am STILL unreasonably annoyed about HMC... if tLtWatW and HP 
and LotR can be done in live action, why NOT HMC? (sob). 


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