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Sat Jun 24 14:52:49 EDT 2006

Quoting Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com>:

> On Friday, June 23, 2006, at 08:56 PM, sally at sallyodgers.com wrote:
> > My daughter balances the universe, though... she has three in each
> > ear, and has had two others, which she let grow over because one
> > infected and the other (top of ear) never stopped hurting. She had an
> > eyebrow ring for 5 years (and has just remove it), a tongue stud for a
> > few weeks (it infected and made her pretty sick), and currently has a
> > bellybutton ring and a nose stud. I THINK that's all... I'm surprised
> > she canget through metal detectors at the airport.
> There used to be store in a suburb north of Detroit called
> Noir Leather.  It sold all kinds of interesting objects and
> clothing and magazines.
> The proprietor was well known at Detroit Metro [the airport]
> for his ability to set off the metal detectors long before detectors
> were as sensitive as they are now.  He had a _lot_ of piercings
> in places that weren't visible when he was dressed, and
> almost certainly had ones that wouldn't be visible if he
> took his shirt off.  But I never saw him go through a metal
> detector with his shirt off [or at any other time, AFAIK] so
> I can't say for sure.
> And speaking of airport security, has anyone run into
> the machines that blow air at you?  My sister flew last
> weekend and was very surprised by one.  Someone at
> her reunion [which is where she flew to] told her that
> they detect certain kinds of particulates.  So, if you shoot
> your spouse, don't do it right before you go through
> airport security.
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Just the other week I set off a radiation detector crossing into the United
States. (I recently had radioiodine therapy on my thyroid, which is pretty
common.) I was so surprised, because I didn't know they had radiation detectors
at immigration control! I then proceeded to get all red and embarrassed, which
I'm sure didn't help matters much for the very polite young man assigned to
running a geiger counter all up and down my body.

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