[DWJ] Plagiarism or homage? (was Big Bad Read)

LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au
Sat Jun 24 01:35:52 EDT 2006

In the novel that I'm writing currently, I have named the Love Interest
Thomas, which is a secret (well, not anymore) homage to Thomas Lynn. My
Thomas is tall with glasses, but is otherwise quite unlike Tom. It just
seemed so easy to imagine falling in love with him... sigh...

lili (who is David in Eight Days of Luke)

>But I've been thinking about other forms of  homage and/or
>>stealing of ideas, and when I read this I thought I'd  solicit opinions.
>>What if a newbie author uses her/his favorite  character name in her/his
>>ms?  Is that an homage or is it  stealing?  Does it depend on whether the
>>original character is  from a classic or from a newer work -- the classic
>>being both possibly  in the public domain and also more "owned" by the
>>public by being so  well-loved?  For example, if a new fantasy writer
>>the names  Romeo, Harry Potter, and Chrestomanci, I think the first would
>>be  totally acceptable, the second would slip by, and the third might be

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