[DWJ] Re: Last Battle

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Fri Jun 23 22:09:23 EDT 2006

  > > Elizabeth G. H. wrote:
    >   > That might do the trick, but though I agree that lots of it looks  
> > right, it all has a shiny cleanliness to it that marred it for  me.  
> > It's too smooth and uniform to be able to match my images  from the 
> > books.

  > Otter wrote:
> I've noticed that computer graphics haven't gotten to the advanced
> state of putting in dirt.  At least the movies I've seen -- Titanic, LOTR, 
  > Pearl Harbor , to name a few.
  It'll be interesting to see if they ever advance to incorporating grime....
  I was in love with Titanic when it came out.  Well, also simply in  love with Leonardo DiCaprio. *cringes*  I tired to rewatch the  film last year and couldn't get through more than half an hour or  so.  The dialogue -- or rather lack thereof -- is what threw me  off.  Being an amateur historical costumer, I may have to watch it  on mute just to soak up the beautiful costumes.

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