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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Fri Jun 23 20:18:22 EDT 2006

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 18:21:05 -0400 (EDT), Kyra Jucovy wrote:

>On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 shawyer at mail.utexas.edu wrote:
>> I'm always Blade from Dark Lord.
>> I know it's because I have a confusing array of siblings, although none,
>> unfortunately, are griffins.
>> Sue
>I've told this story before, I think, but I've gone from being
>consistently Grundo to being consistently Mig.  I'm not even sure which
>answers I've changed so as to make for the change, but I'm happy.  I
>didn't like being Grundo, and I think I originally assumed I would
>probably get Mig.  I feel she fits very well :).

I have NO IDEA why I would be Luke every time.  He's not even one of my
favorite characters.  On the other hand, I don't know which character I
would want to be, or think I resemble any one character, so....

Melissa Proffitt

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