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On 21/6/06 20:54, "estairm at yahoo.com" <estairm at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I may be especially sensitive to this because my
> father is a survivor of the Holocaust and lost parents
> and several siblings.  And he feels *fortunate*
> because he has a brother and sister left.

Whether people feel fortunate or not seems to be partly an attitude of mind.
I once heard a radio programme discussing this and they talked (for example)
to people who had been seriously injured in the Bali bombings, but felt
lucky it hadn't been worse. (As opposed to the sort of people who
simultaneously bemoan the fact that something bad has happened to them and
say well it *would* happen to them. As though Fate was both singling them
out and on the other hand they should be immune to misfortune.)

Such a positive attitude is obviously a very useful survival technique.

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