[DWJ] Re: Last Battle

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jun 23 16:07:20 EDT 2006

In response to my decision not to go to see the film of LWW, Dorian wrote:

>Well, it wasn't a *bad* film.
>Nearly all of it *looks* right - characters (especially the non-human ones),
>clothing, landscapes, buildings (Cair Paravel is *gorgeous*).  And the
>story, in its essentials, is the same.  And major bits like Aslan's death
>and rebirth are truly moving, rather than mawkish or ridiculous.
>On the other hand...why, when Lewis wrote so much wonderful dialogue, did
>they either cut it altogether or re-phrase it?  Why were some scenes
>replaced with ones that aren't in the book, or half-presented, muddled up
>with extraneous stuff?
>And Aslan turning the statues back into living beings was very
>disappointing, because Lewis' description of it is just so perfect, but they
>didn't *quite* manage to pull it off visually.
>Overall, I'd have to say the only reason for a serious fan to see it would
>be to moan about the changes.  But it may serve to bring newbies to the
>wonder of the books.

How about getting the DVD and watching it with the sound turned off?


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