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rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 23 14:55:16 EDT 2006

I'm buying a lot of hardbacks because of the evil chainstore discount. I 
get 40% off new hardbacks, which makes them much more comparable in 
price, and then there is the added avantage of getting the book NOW, and 
having it last through rereadings.


Otter Perry wrote:

> On Thursday, June 22, 2006, at 10:37 PM, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:
>>   I buy paperbacks because they're so much cheaper than hardcover 
>> (and  re: the recent discussion, I live in the US), and even though 
>> they're  not really meant to last, I try to treat them gently.
> I buy paperbacks nowadays because they're lighter and smaller.  I have
> owned in my life a couple of tons of books, and am a recovering book-
> owner.  Paperbacks are easier to move and store.  [Not to worry:  I still
> own a lot of books.]
> But I buy Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, and Robin McKinley
> in hardback because I like them better that way and, more importantly,
> because I have no intention of waiting until they're available in
> paperback.
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