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Minnow replied to me...
> Dorian replied:
>>Me, too.  Though I only realised how *much* when I saw the recent film of
>>"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", and spent much of it objecting to
>>the cutting or bad-paraphrasing of lines and scenes I know and love.
> Thank you.  I hadn't planned to go and see it (it's a film based on book I
> love, of course I'm not going to!) but that comment confirms my feeling
> that I really *really* *REALLY* don't want to see it at all even if 
> someone
> wants to show me the DVD.

Well, it wasn't a *bad* film.

Nearly all of it *looks* right - characters (especially the non-human ones), 
clothing, landscapes, buildings (Cair Paravel is *gorgeous*).  And the 
story, in its essentials, is the same.  And major bits like Aslan's death 
and rebirth are truly moving, rather than mawkish or ridiculous.

On the other hand...why, when Lewis wrote so much wonderful dialogue, did 
they either cut it altogether or re-phrase it?  Why were some scenes 
replaced with ones that aren't in the book, or half-presented, muddled up 
with extraneous stuff?

And Aslan turning the statues back into living beings was very 
disappointing, because Lewis' description of it is just so perfect, but they 
didn't *quite* manage to pull it off visually.

Overall, I'd have to say the only reason for a serious fan to see it would 
be to moan about the changes.  But it may serve to bring newbies to the 
wonder of the books.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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