[DWJ] OT: book pricing

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jun 23 08:38:24 EDT 2006

Ika wrote:

>God, I'm on my third reading copy of *Charmed Life* (crappy 70s/80s
>Penguin edition - it's the one I grew up with and I seem to have a
>quasi-autistic fondness for reading it in the right font and with the page
>breaks in the right place).

Gosh, is that a sign of being quasi-autistic?  When I explained to someone
who was in some sort of pschological trade, 'way back when, that the reason
I could  almost always find quotations very quickly was that after reading
a book a couple of times I knew where things came on the page and could
flip through looking only for instance at the top left-hand corner as long
as it was the same edition, *he* told me that probably meant I had a
"semi-eidetic memory" and splendid visualisation skills.

Seeing numbers and days of the week as being of particular colours didn't
strike him as autistic either, come to think of it: he said that was "a
surprisingly common characteristic referent-scheme among creative subjects"
or some such.

Well, thank goodness he gave me a good positive self-image that way!  If
he'd said it was an autism-related condition he might have blighted my life
by making me worry about it.  Just goes to show how important perceptions
can be.  Perhaps mild autism wasn't yet such a popular diagnosis back then,

>Love, Ika (very hard on books, being retrained by girlfriend after I read
>her irreplaceable paperback of Antonia Forest's *Peter's Room* in the bath
>till a page came out, then kept the page in a separate place from the rest
>of the book)

It must be love.  If it weren't you would probably have been thrown out of
an upstairs window when that was discovered!


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