[DWJ] OT: book pricing

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jun 23 08:10:27 EDT 2006

Jennifer wrote of reading to pieces a copy of

>Swiss Family Robinson

Please tell me that was in the translation in which they are met on the
beach by a flock of flamingoes and penguins?  I promise that this was the
case in the edition we had when I was a child, and I adored that image.
(Did it mean to say pelicans?  I shall never know, I don't suppose, unless
someone on this list has read the original and happens to remember.)

I wasn't so keen on a slightly later incident when one of the children
comes rushing up in great excitement and cries "Pray, papa, give me the gun
at once, for I have seen a new animal and I wish to shoot it!"  Too much
Gerald Durrell in my young life, I expect.

I vaguely remember my Ma calculating that [a] by the end of the second
chapter on the island they had killed and salted down enough meat to last
them for seventeen years if they each ate a pound of meat a day, and that
[b] if all the salt for this came out of Mrs Swiss Family Robinson's
handbag, she must have had a handbag the size of two pantechnicons.
*Everything* useful seemed to come out of that handbag at one point, with
the words "I think I have something in my bag", and when the book was being
read aloud to me in my bath I fully expected Mrs.SFR to produce a
sewing-machine from her bag at any moment.


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