[DWJ] Big Bad Read

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 23 05:41:14 EDT 2006

Esther wrote: 
> I wrote the website about this villain.  The Child Catcher 
> (and the Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria, and Vulgaria itself, 
> for that matter) did not exist in the book.  And if the whole 
> deal is about READING, then huh?
> It's funny, the book was plenty exciting set in France, with 
> gangsters for villains, instead of the whole fairy-tale 
> set-up of the movie.  The ways of Hollywood are incomprehensible... 

Oh, yes! Joe le Monstre, and the Bon-bon shop in Paris. Hey, the mother
was a character in the book, too, so you had a
family-having-adventures-together plot, which is more interesting than
yet another romance, surely? (Truly Scrumshus, indeed.)

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