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My parents switched to French, which lasted until I caught on to that in
later elementary school (the blessings of growing up in Canada).

Acutally, I once caught someone out doing this. I was visiting a friend in
Toronto whose boyfried was much older and quite pretentious. Said boyfriend
also had a friend visiting from Montreal. My friend was . . . shall we say
not quite the student he could have been - he knew no French. The boyfriend
and his friend decided to have a rather catty, snotty conversation in French
- leaving (they thought) the two of us out on purpose. This lasted until I
responded, in French, to some really nasty thing they said with a witty
retort. They stopped immediately and were quite sheepish for the next while.
They didn't pull that again while I was around!


On 6/22/06, rohina at shaw.ca <rohina at shaw.ca> wrote:
> I can hardly wait until my daughter can read that book, then. She has
> rampant hairdresser phobia, and refuses to get her hair cut, with the
> result that we have a daily hairbrushing encounter.
> We just passed a sad parental milestone yesterday. I asked my husband if
> he wanted P-I-Z-Z-A for D-I-N-N-E-R and she said "we're having pizza for
> dinner?" We will have to brush up our Latin, or something.
> robyn
> Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> >My baby is reading _Fire and Hemlock_ for the first time.  She came
> upstairs
> >and screamed "I HATE IVY!" and has been saying how glad she is to have a
> mom
> >like me.  :)  She also now understands why I'm so strict about hair
> brushing
> >and the elimination of rats' nests....
> >
> >Melissa Proffitt
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