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Thu Jun 22 21:22:05 EDT 2006

Australian book prices are completely ridiculous, and when I lived there 
and used periodically to complain about it, I never got a satisfactory 
answer. Most explanations lead me to think that the answer is because 
they always have been, and publishers can get away with it. Explanations 
like shipping the books from overseas are plainly silly. The same was 
true of CDs, but I think perhaps the advent of iTunes might have changed 
that a little.

I recently bought some books for my goddaughter, and after searching a 
number of online booksellers in Australia, I found it was much cheaper 
to buy them from amazon.ca even with the postage issue, and factoring in 
the exchange rate.


Emma Comerford wrote:

> I've just been wondering on my livejournal about the differences in 
> book prices between the US and Australia (and the UK too I think). A 
> small paperback costs around $18-$19 here but are $7 (full price) in 
> the US, while the slightly larger paperbacks (such as those put out by 
> Tor) are similarly priced as trade paperbacks at $32.95 here but are 
> $14.95 in the US. And they are even cheaper from somewhere like Amazon 
> (who charge very high shipping to Australia). Our exchange rate isn't 
> that bad and we aren't putting them on sailing ships to get here, so 
> why the large price difference? Does any clever list member know if 
> Australia and other non-US countries have insanely high book taxes or 
> something?
> OBDWJ: I am happy to pay any price for a new DWJ but was happy that 
> the last two released here were under $20 for the larger sized 
> paperbacks.
> Emma
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