[DWJ] Big Bad Read

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 22 21:03:26 EDT 2006

Ian W. Riddell wrote:

> You know, there are two villains on that list that still frighten me 
> to this
> day:
> Bill Sikes from "Oliver Twist" and the Child Catcher from "Chitty Chitty
> Bang Bang".
> With the latter, it's mostly the movie version that just makes me cringe
> everytime I see him. Makes it hard to look at Michael Jackson, who, at 
> one
> point, seemed to be doing his best to look just like the Child Catcher 
> from
> the movie.

AUGH! I have childhood trauma from that movie, for exactly that reason. 
My other traumatic childhood book is The Velveteen Rabbit - have a total 
and utter ban on it in my children's lit classes. Someone always brings 
it up, and I have to tell them they are not allowed to discuss it.


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