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Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Thu Jun 22 19:39:08 EDT 2006

A propos of the Narnia discussion:

I read the chronicles when I was a sophomore in high school and
I knew damn well that they were Christian allegories, or whatever
the correct term is.

I don't like LWW much and never have.  There are plenty of parts
that are fine, but the whole Crucifixion made me squirm the first
time I read it [on a cold weather drive to the shore [shore is what
people from my part of the world [central Connecticut] call the
salt-water beach [Niantic, CT, in this case]]], and has made me
squirm ever since.  On another paw, it's been some years since
I read it, and I may feel differently now.  I feel a reread coming on.

I do remember that the whole part at the end of LWW about
growing up and being kings and queens, and then ending
back up as kids in the Professor's house annoyed me, too.

I remember the others generally favorably, and always liked
"The Magician's Nephew".


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