[DWJ] Re: Green Knowe (was; witches in fiction, and exploiting)

JOdel at aol.com JOdel at aol.com
Thu Jun 22 19:24:05 EDT 2006

> I loved those books, but even at the time I recognized -- not in so many 
> words -- that the mother who insisted on putting a brick house around the old 
> stone house was a bit of a strawman. By associating wanting a more modern 
> house with being a shallow racist, Boston does reveal her prejudices about 
> modernity, rather.

Well. it was Bosaton's *own* house, after all. She lived in it, and in her 
autobiography she mentions discovering some of the really nasty, shoddy 
miodifications that were made to it during the Regency era.

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