[DWJ] Favourite Narnia Books

Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Thu Jun 22 18:36:40 EDT 2006

At 10:23 AM 22/06/2006, Judith Ridge wrote:
>I don¹t think I¹ve ever considered which is my favourite Narnia book before,
>but I suppose I would say it¹s a toss-up between LWW and The Dawn Treader.
>I appear to remember almost nothing from Prince Caspian, and while I
>remember a great deal about The Last Battle, they are not favourite
>memories. I think I always found it compelling in a sort of frightening and
>elevated way, and while I got the ³Saved!² thrill (I don¹t remember at all
>what I felt about Susan not joining them‹sad, I suppose), it would be my
>least loved of the books.

These are my two favourites, with The Horse and his Boy being a close 
runner up, maybe because they felt less Narnia-ish to me. I also forget 
Prince Caspian all the time, and wasn't fond of the Last Battle. I can't 
remember why I never liked the latter as a child. I can't even remember if 
I felt sorry for Susan - I think I was cranky that she had become like 
other boring girls at school that wanted to talk about make up and boys.

I didn't mind the recent movie of LWW . I'm not rushing out to buy it on 
DVD or anything but it was entertaining. It was also magical enough to make 
me remember how much I like the book.


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