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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
|Howl has the most food description, I think, several fried breakfasts
|and the cream cakes from Martha's shop, which certainly make me hungry
|when I read it. But mostly I can think of things happening over meals,
|but the meal not being described much (the dinner with the ghosts in
|Charmed Life, the feast at the castle in Hexwood) or nasty food
|descriptions (Witch Week, the washing-up spell in Magicians of Caprona)-
|all very memorable but *not* appetising.

oh, yes! Or "A Slice of Life" from the Now We Are Sick poetry

What's become of Mr. Grundy?
He hasn't been in school all Monday
A rumour went round in Assembly:
"Our Headmaster's gone to Wembley
To have a rest, and Mrs. Todd
Will be in future known as God."
I found some toenails in my stew.
I don't believe that rumour's true.

Lots of food, but it's all disgusting.

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