[DWJ] witches in fiction, and exploiting

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Jun 22 13:08:50 EDT 2006

Deborah wrote:
> Food descriptions in children's books often do it for me. 
> Tale of Times City's butter pies, of course, and a couple of 
> different food descriptions in A Little Princess (the buns, 
> and the food when she wakes up and the Magic has happened and 
> she gets Becky).
> Is there anything else in DWJ besides the butter pies?

Howl has the most food description, I think, several fried breakfasts
and the cream cakes from Martha's shop, which certainly make me hungry
when I read it. But mostly I can think of things happening over meals,
but the meal not being described much (the dinner with the ghosts in
Charmed Life, the feast at the castle in Hexwood) or nasty food
descriptions (Witch Week, the washing-up spell in Magicians of Caprona)-
all very memorable but *not* appetising.

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