[DWJ] witches in fiction, and exploiting

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Jun 22 13:00:08 EDT 2006

> Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
> > what about the houses in the "real" England that were in 
> > towns that had been gradually changing over the centuries:
> > which one on a given site would be the one that stayed or 
> > were the towns just much bigger? 

Charlie wrote: 
> It may be that this problem can be got round in some way, 
> perhaps by shifitng some of the good stuff out to areas where 
> architecture has been uniformly mediocre since the building 
> of the first roundhouse, but this does seem a bit of a cheat. 

I think they're all on top of each other <g>. Balancing precariously on
the roundhouse...

What about Greene Knowe, anyway, where one lot of owners had built a
pretentious new house round the Norman core, and the new bit burnt down
to leave the old as the only house again? (I don't think Lewis was
really thinking as quibblingly as me. I suppose they'd really have to be
in sort of chronological layer-dimension-y things.)

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