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Thu Jun 22 12:33:39 EDT 2006

I had gathered a bit of that from her autobiography (on a fan site I  found last summer and forgot to bookmark...and have been too lazy to  Google for).  It's a bit like my own relations, except my mother  and father are generally loving and wonderful parents and are only  infrequent and slight manifestations of the controlling woman and  passive man that pop up so often in DWJ's stories.  My  grandparents, on the other hand...

Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:  EGH wrote:

>The first thing that hit me when I began reading DWJ last summer is  that
>most of her obvious villians are women.  The interesting  thing is that
>they're *strong* women.  The bad men are usually bad  because of weak
>  I suppose this has been talked through already on this list! :)

Me, I blame the parents....

Add to that one little comment from *The Tough Guide to Fantasyland*, morst
of the entry on "Dark Lady", which refers one to "Dark Lord" on the grounds
that "The Management ... seldom if ever employs a female in this role.
This is purely because the Management was born too late to meet my Great
Aunt Clara."

I have a feeling that the women in DWJ's background who were in positions
of power in her child-life were in general strong, nasty and manipulative
in a long-term way, whilst her father and stepfather were merely weak and
and short-term abusive.


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